BYG Scotland Mission Trip Day1.5

BYG Scotland Mission Trip Day1.5

Greetings from Perth Scotland, we made it!!!

On Friday June 29th, ten BCOC missionaries left the building at 5:30pm to Atlanta airport.  After checking in and going through security, all searched out a great last USA dinner as we waited for our flight to leave at 10:15pm.

After our dinners we boarded and settled in for a 9 hour flight to London.  Many watched movies while others read and others slept off and on (best you can sitting up right), in the end no one got 7 hours of sleep.  Overall the flight was good, calm and on time into a sunny and cloudless day, very rare for UK for those who have traveled here.  

Our trip path to London with fly over of NYC and Windsor castle!

After deboarding, we proceeded to our connecting flight to Glasgow through UK Customs.  Here the customs officers held the group up and asked more questions about our trip in part due to us all having the same ‘friends’ and the word ‘volunteer’ used.  I stepped in and provided the necessary details of who we were, where we were staying, who we were visiting and general plans for the group while in Scotland.  They ended up asking to review our itinerary.  After their review, they advised in the future if we planned to volunteer for non-profit organizations like Perth Food Bank, we would need a UK Work Visa.  I agreed and thanked them for their consideration.  They then stamped our passports and allowed us to proceed, so God continues to hear our prayers and helping ensure we get to Perth.  We are grateful we continue our journey to Perth and first time in four years I have led this trip we have had any extra questioning.  Thank you for your prayers. 

After we regrouped, thanked God and caught our breath, we had about a 3.5 hour layover.  Many grabbed a Starbucks drink and then headed to have our first UK meal and relax as our bodies are still on Buford time (Make sure you ask Jeremy how he likes WeatherSpoons).  

After relaxing some and refueling, we (minus Ben who is on a flight 2 hours later due to how late we had to book his flight for trip) boarded our 3rd of 4 legs to get to Perth, 1.5 hour flight to Glasgow.  There we will not have to go through customs but simply pick up our baggage and meet Scott and Alana ?.  The nine of us, plus Scott and Alana, headed to a nearby Glasgow mall as we waited on Ben’s flight.  Plus this side excursion will help keep us awake so we can push through until about 10:30pm Perth time.  

After picking up Ben, we finally completed our 4th leg of the journey to Perth, about 1:15 mini bus ride.  Along the way we stopped at The Kelpies (Google them) to stretch our legs one more time and get some fresh air to keep us awake.  Always neat to see these structures on the side of the motorway and then walk up to them to understand their sheer size.  We had a great sunset evening in Falkirk area to match the one we saw at Atlanta Int’l airport terminal. 

We finally made it to Perth around 6pm or ~16 hours after we left Buford.  All are now taking a shower and heading to bed to get rest and recharged for worship with The Body in Perth and starting our mission work. 

In the end, we have had some curve balls thrown at us but with each one, God has helped us navigate through and continue forward for Him.  Continue to pray for our team, our work, our strength and our love to plant the seeds in Perth!  

May you have a great Saturday and look for Day2 update sometime tomorrow afternoon.  

In Him

Todd and BYG Missionaries