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'Change' Tagged Posts



Change can be difficult. Will you take refuge in the unchanging God? Will you ask Him to abide with you? He can provide a comfort that no one else can provide. He can provide foundation in the midst of change.


What does it look like to abide in Jesus as one of His disciples? This isn’t an easy idea! Here’s the thing, though: getting out of a place where we are stuck isn’t easy. It takes effort, patience, and, oftentimes, pain. But, the freedom of Jesus is absolutely worth it.
life changing

Life Changing Words

We often use the phrase “life-changing experience” pretty loosely. But there are experiences that change who we are and the course our life is going to take. Jesus should be one of them….

The Faith of the Blind

In Mark 10, we see a passage of scripture that illustrates the beauty of Jesus and the incredible faith of an individual. This story begins in verse 46.“And they came to Jericho. And as [Jesus] was leaving Jericho with his disciples and a great crowd, Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, the son of Timaeus, was sitting by the roadside.”We are quickly introduced to an individual whom many of us would avoid: a beggar sitting next to a well-traveled area. Unfortunately, nearly…
Moving On

Moving On, but Falling Back

Have you ever heard of the doorway effect before? More than likely it’s happened to you numerous times before in your life. It may have even happened to you this morning as you prepared for worship! The doorway effect is the psychological principle that explains why we often forget things after we walk into a new room. Science seems to prove that when we change our physical environments, as we simply transition from one room to the next, our thought…
changing colors

The Immutability of God

Last Tuesday was the first day of autumn. That means for the past couple of weeks, we have witnessed the changing of the seasons. Temperatures have cooled and leaves are beginning their color transformation. And when leaves change colors, I am reminded of one of the most important yet easily overlooked characteristics of God. Scripture asserts that God is immutable. Immutability means that God does not and will not change. This is the attribute to which one of the psalmists…


In aeronautic terminology “attitude” refers to “the orientation of an aircraft’s axes relative to a reference” point such as the horizon.[1] For the record, I am not an aircraft aficionado so my explanation of aircraft terminology is based on my own research and therefore susceptible to flaws. But as I understand it, the attitude of an aircraft is its position relative to other objects on the axes of roll (i.e. rotation from the longitudinal axis that is controlled by the aileron…