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'Family' Tagged Posts

greater than

Jesus > Family

Family is important. There is nothing wrong with loving and devoting yourself to family. But what are we supposed to do if our family is not drawing us closer to Jesus? Who wins the battle of our hearts, Jesus or Family?
father and son

Everyone Needs a Father

If you want a perfect glimpse into Father’s Day in the United States, all you must do is look back at its history. While many probably set aside a day to celebrate fathers before— Father’s Day was only officially recognized as a national holiday in 1972. Mother’s Day, however, had been an official holiday dating back to 1914, a whopping fifty-eight years prior. That’s enough time for not one but two World Wars to pass, for us to land on…
family tree

Background Check

Ancestry.com is the largest for-profit genealogical company in the world. It boasts access to approximately 40 billion historical records from 80 different countries of origin, has over 3 million paying subscribers, and more than 23 million people in their DNA network. User-generated content tallies to more than 131 million family trees, and subscribers have added more than 800 million photographs, scanned documents, and written stories. Needless to say, what used to be an elementary school project has now become big…
Christian Home

A Christian Home

I once heard the story about a little boy who was inconsolably crying in the car after leaving worship services one Sunday. His father asked him three times what was wrong, and, finally, the boy replied, “The preacher said he wanted me to be brought up in a Christian home, but I want to stay with you guys!” Ideally, all homes would be Christian homes because Christian homes have surrendered to the will and the reign of God. In so…