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'Father' Tagged Posts

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Everyone Needs a Father

If you want a perfect glimpse into Father’s Day in the United States, all you must do is look back at its history. While many probably set aside a day to celebrate fathers before— Father’s Day was only officially recognized as a national holiday in 1972. Mother’s Day, however, had been an official holiday dating back to 1914, a whopping fifty-eight years prior. That’s enough time for not one but two World Wars to pass, for us to land on…


In Luke 15 Jesus provided a trilogy of parables known as the “lost” parables. These parables are similar to one another because they each depict something valuable (i.e. sheep, coin, son) being separated from its guardian (i.e. shepherd, woman, father) before eventually being reunited, after which a celebration ensued because what was “lost” had been returned to the one who lost it (Luke 15:6, 9, 22-24). There is one distinct difference between the first two parables and the last one.…