'Praise God' Tagged Posts

'Praise God' Tagged Posts


God the Creator – Have You Met Him?

Has there ever been a sight so beautiful it just takes your breath away? Perhaps you have gotten the chance to stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or overlook the Rocky Mountains, and those stunning sights have caused you to find yourself speechless; you have been unable to put the beauty you see into words. In those moments, it is almost impossible to avoid breaking out in songs of praise to our God. He has created…

Worshiping with Joy

What brings you joy? For some, it may be time on a vacation. Others might say that the start of college football season (WHOOP WHOOP), certain family or friends, a drive through the country in a particular car, time at a spa, music, or movies are what bring you joy. As you think about things that bring you joy, is worship something that is included on your list? Many of the other things that bring us joy evoke an emotional…


For the past several weeks we have observed what the first century church devoted itself to based on Luke’s description in Acts 2:42-47. The seventh detail we discover about the first century church is that they were “praising God” (Acts 2:47). To what is the text referring when it says that the church was “praising God?” The Greek term employed here means “to praise, extol, to sing praises in honor to God.”[1] So, we are talking about worshipping God and declaring…