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Small Obedience

Naaman’s story in 2 Kings chapter 5 is intriguing. We can learn many things from it, but I want to focus on what we can learn about obedience in particular. Sometimes, what God requires of us seems irrelevant to what we desire to accomplish. When we think so, it’s easy for us to choose not to obey Him. A principle, however, we need to realize is that God requires us to stay obedient to Him, trusting God in that He…

What How?

In 2021, we as Lord’s church will be more vigorously reaching out to our community and doing what the Lord commanded us. Making “Go and Do” the theme of this year doesn’t mean that we didn’t do it nor know it. It simply means that we want to “Go and Do” more and better than before. How? Please, allow me to remind us of something that we probably already know, purely in a hope that it helps us “Go and…

Whose Side Are You On

      Maybe you are familiar with the events that unfolded at the base of Mount Sinai in Exodus 32 when the Israelites worshipped a golden calf, and the original Tablets of the Testimony were shattered. As you reflect on that story, put yourself in it, and consider with which of the following three groups you would have been aligned. We’ll call the first group, the idolators. This group asked Aaron to make them an idol because they interpreted…
sail boat

Get On Board

Some of the most pivotal moments in human history happened on a boat or ship of some kind. Without the Ark, humanity as a whole would have been destroyed in the flood of Genesis 7. The very first miracle Jesus performed in front of His initial followers was when Peter, Andrew, James, and John were in a boat, and He told them to cast their nets on the other side in Mark 1. Who could forget when Jesus calmed the…