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'god’s love' Tagged Posts


Is Love Impractical?

  Love is an essential character of a Christian, and unconditional love is evidence of a mature Christian. However, unconditional love is not easy, and, therefore, it is rare. It is especially rare  in societies where reciprocity (i.e. getting even) is accepted as the norm. As a result, some people question whether or not Jesus’ commandment of unconditional love is practical. Furthermore, there are even some theologians who contend that Jesus didn’t intend for His disciples have to exhibit unconditional…
cancelled calendar dates


Cancelled. With the news of summer camp at Inagehi cancelled this past week, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this word and how it’s affected me personally. Not many positive thoughts come to mind when I think of its connotation. Unfortunately, it’s a term we have all had to hear a lot recently. From ceremonies to deadlines, trips and activities, national and even global happenings to personal plans, it seems as if the word “cancelled” has crept into…


A few years ago I was in Tallahassee for a speaking engagement, and, while there, I was invited on a canoeing trip down the Wacissa River with a local youth group. The Wacissa is formed by several underground springs and is known for its crystal clear water. In fact, it is a popular location for scuba diving enthusiasts because of one’s ability to explore underwater caves without the impediment of murky water. On this particular occasion, my group traveled down…